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Console Controllers - Guitar Hero 2 with Wireless Cordless Nyko Frontman Guitar Controller PS2

Guitar Hero 2 Picking up where Guitar Hero left off, Guitar Hero II arrives with a track list with more than 55 songs, venues and additional play es – including the ability to transform the original Guitar Hero SG Controller into a rhythm, lead or bass guitar. RedOctane’s follow-up to the critically acclaimed rhythm game. Guitar Hero II features a brand- and expanded track list, more venues and play es, and aims to rock longer and harder than its predecessor. RedOctane has once again teamed up with veteran music game developer Harmonix for the sequel, and is using famed recording studio WaveGroup for its music production, who also recorded the covers for the licensed tracks in the original Guitar Hero. The game’s all-important track list encompasses all forms of rock and metal music including classic rock, ‘hair metal’, heavy metal, ern rock and alternative rock. In total, Guitar Hero II features more than 55 songs. es include a multiplayer co-op e where players can play not only the lead guitar track, but rhythm or bass as well, allowing players to take on two different sections of the song simultaneously. Dual Guitar Shredding: Guitar Hero II takes the guitar rock experience to volumes by allowing players to play 3 different guitar tracks: Rhythm, Bass, and Lead . Follow up to an Award Winning Soundtrack : Guitar Hero II follows up on the award winning soundtrack of Guitar Hero with over 55 tracks. es: Guitar Hero II introduces all multiplayer es like: cooperative, pro-face off, and face off, letting 2 Guitar Heroes conduct their own symphonies of destruction. Shred School: Guitar Hero II features an all practice e, allowing Guitar Zeroes to become Guitar Heroes with enough practice. The Nyko Frontman Guitar Features Continue rock on with the stylish FrontMan Wireless Guitar from Nyko Technologies. Although there have been issues with wireless Guitar Hero guitars from other companies, these Wireless guitars will play Guitar Hero I and II with absolutely NO problems, ! Features 2.4GHz Wireless Technology, play up to 25 feet away! Compatible with both Guitar Hero 1 and 2 Glitch- wireless technology – no more losing your signal in the middle of playing USB Charging Cable included so you can play while charging 3 AA rechargeable batteries (Batteries not included) Analog Whammy Bar for players to flick their licks and guitar skills during the game Bi-directional strum bar Ultra responsive fret buttons TESTMIONIALS ‘Guitar Hero is already great fun, the ability to play it without a ten foot cord limiting your movement multiplies that fun factor considerably.’ ‘If you re the type that really gets into the game, you re now to do a Pete Townshend slide across your living room floor while rocking out to some Ace of Spades’ ‘I would take it over the normal Guitar Hero controller any day. ‘ ‘Now I can suck at Guitar Hero from almost anywhere in my home. Good times.’

Game / Controller Bundle Guitar Hero 2 with Wireless Cordless Nyko Frontman Guitar Controller (PS2)

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