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Wii Games - Go Play Lumberjacks Wii

Go Play Lumberjacks brings competition from the great outdoors into the home. Players use the Wii Remote as an all-in-one timber-cutting contest tool: feel sawdust fly from your chainsaw in the Hot Saw, test your balance on the waterlogged Log Roll, ascend towering tree trunks in the Pole Climb, and much more. This all-new, four-player party game features 15 wily woodchoppers, including Jack the lumberjack, Jill the chainsaw-wielding beauty, a peg-legged pirate, ninja assassin and medieval knight, among others. Players can earn new pieces of gear as trophies, like saw and axe upgrades, and unlock their own Mii. Go Play Lumberjacks features five game categories– Sawing, Axe Throwing, Climbing, Chopping, and Water Events-and even supports the Wii Balance Board accessory for intense lumberjacking action! and sealed: factory direct game to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media.

Game Go Play Lumberjacks

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