When Ted Farnsworth recently announced that he is looking forward to ‘disrupt’ Hollywood again, his supporters can’t wait to hear more about it. His new media and entertainment company, ZASH, is going to be his huge comeback. Ever since he was young, Farnsworth never failed to surprise everyone around him. And this time, the world is waiting for what the future holds for Farnsworth.

What is ZASH?

Zash Global Media and Entertainment Corporation is a U.S.-based company that focuses on entertainment and content distribution. Earlier this year, the company announced that Nasdaq has listed Vinco Ventures Inc. and has agreed to do a merger. Zash explains that this merger will create an acceleration in growth in the live-streaming content industry and video sharing, distribution, and production just within its environment.

ZASH And Its Goals

According to a press release, Zash aims to invest, acquire, and merge with companies that are best in media, entertainment, and technology that is more focused on quality content. The company’s goal is to build a ‘Virtual Hollywood,’ which they hope is the media’s future.

The company did a test in Zash’s platform with Vinco, which led to over 2 billion video views origination on Facebook in just 30 days. And to date, Farnsworth added that the Zash’s Influencer Platform with Vinco has more than 350 million followers, and they are expecting this number to grow continuously. They bring in more influencers and huge celebrities, and they also tie the media altogether in short-form videos.

Farnsworth and His Achievements

With the new advancements in technology, people do not doubt the success of Farnsworths’ latest endeavor. Unlike in the past, where MoviePass seemed to be having trouble overcoming an impossible feat, which ultimately led to it shutting down, there is a future in his new projects. Everything now seems connected with how the internet is becoming a huge part of persons’ lives. And with that, there is no doubt that Farnsworth and his partners will soon become huge names in the entertainment industry.

Ted Farnsworth is known to be ambitious when it comes to his endeavors. But he has proven time and again that he knows what he is getting himself into. And there is no doubt, that for Farnsworth and his projects, the future is bright for him. And his supporters can’t wait to see the business mogul shine again.