Having a newborn baby is one of the biggest blessings that a family could ever have. And for parents, capturing every moment is important. There are now plenty of ways to preserve these adorable memories, but this kind of keepsake will definitely make it extra special. So if you want to learn more about the inkless baby footprint kit that you can readily purchase online, then read on.

Introducing, The Handprint and Footprint Kit

If your baby has sensitive skin but you always wanted to have his or her hand and footprint keepsake, then you should try this Baby Ink No Mess Print Kits. This kit comes with an Inkless Print Kit that is perfect for any infant that has sensitive skin. With the wipes that come with the kit as well as the paper, it would be easier for you to make your prints at home.

This kit can be used with children of all ages. And if you want a keepsake with the entire family’s hand and foot prints, then you can do it too because this kit can also be used with adults because they are non-toxic and very safe to use. And if you want to make it more special, you can handwrite, draw or print on the paper that came with the kit. It does not have any logos and watermarks either.

Baby Ink Keepsakes To Try

Aside from the inkless baby footprint kit, you can also find other options to try.  Using the prints that you made of your baby’s hands and feet, turn them into something else. So here are other products from Baby Ink that you might be perfect for every occasion that you have coming up soon:

  • Baby Journals. This is definitely what every parent needs if they want to document their baby’s progress. This memory book is perfect to capture all of the milestones they achieved.
  • Greeting Cards. If you buy this kit, it comes with paper that does not have any logos or watermark. That way it would be easy for anyone to turn this into a greeting card which you can use as take home gifts for guests during the holidays or any occasion.
  • If you love taking memories anywhere you go, then you will surely be interested to try the keyrings from Baby Ink. Keyrings are very popular these days. Like the greeting cards, you can also turn the keyrings into giveaways perfect for your baby’s Christening or 1st birthday.

Keeping memories alive should be passed on to the next generation. Even though we are now living in a modern world surrounded by advanced technologies, it would still be best to do something more personal, especially for your babies. There is no doubt that you found something that interests you from Baby Ink.