Game: Luigi’s Mansion

Platform: GameCube

Luigi’s Mansion Cheats

In-game reset

Hold B + X press Start for about two seconds during game play.

Teleport to main entrance

This trick requires a Game Boy Advance. Look at most large mirrors in the house. On the Game Boy Advance, press A while facing the mirror in the first person view to return to the main entrance.

New mansion

Successfully complete the game and save. Another option will be unlocked, allowing the game to be played again with various differences.

Gallery mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock everything in the gallery.

Hidden Stuff

To find hidden stuff, get out your vacuum and start cleaning lamps and vases. Almost every second vase has a heart hidden inside and nearly every lamp or chandelier either yields money or health.

Water the Plant

Ever notice the seed in the outdoors area with the dog house? It’s at the right side, near the graveyard and just underneath the balcony with Toad. This seed hides a secret that you can unlock right before facing the second boss. Once you have the ability to use the Water Element, water the seed. A plant will grow. Now enter the dog house (examine it with the Game Boy Horror) and defeat the second boss. Return to this area afterwards and water the plant again. Now continue with the game, but be sure to return after you defeat boss #3. Water the plant again and it will bloom and produce a precious diamond. Note that if you fail to return and water the plant after a boss fight, the plant will whither and die.

Hidden Mario Items

Madame Meiru will command you to find 5 items that belong to Luig’s brother Mario. With each item she can channel herself to the spirit world and provide you with information. After you have found all five items and spoken to her, you can attack her for a key. These are the items and where to find

#1 – Mario’s Hat – In the washing machine in the laundry room
#2 – Mario’s Letter – Near the birdhouse in the backyard
#3 – Mario’s Star – In the observatory
#4 – Mario’s Glove – In the cinema room
#5 – Mario’s Shoe – In the twin’s room

Start Vacuum Without Holding

This code is just plain fun. Walk up to a wall and knock on it by pressing the A button. Then IMMEDEATELY press the R button. The vacuum will activate, without Luigi holding it. Luigi will grab it soon after. This code does not effect anything, but it is fun to try it.


If you run low on power, run to the first level bosses room. (after beating him of course) and there will always be a 50 pt heart in the chest next to the door. If your under 50 hit points left. Exit the room and go to main foyer and return to room and repeat.

How to beat Bowser

When bowser throws his spiked bombs at you wait for them to stop moving. Then pick them up with you vacuum. Then you have to wait till bowser lowers his head to breath fire or to breath you into his mouth and shoot it at his mouth the head will pop off and boo will pop out now turn on the vacuum and lower his health points while avoiding the ice blasts that comm from bowsers head. Repeat this process and you will beat bowser.

Beat the ghost in the dining hall

First you must have the fire that comes out of your gun. Then light all of the candles next to the ghost[there are 6 candles]. Once you have done that, you can scoop up the food he is eating. Now made ghosts will show up to give the fat ghost more food. While they are out capture them. Now you can scoop up all of the food there for making the big ghost mad. When he gets up and shoots fire at you, you need to go hide behind cabinet near the door on the right side of the screen. Then he will stop shooting fire at you and just sit there. Now you have to be real quick and go over to him and you can see his heart. Apparently now go scoop him up and you should capture him!

How to catch Biff Atlas

You need to be in the rec room. Then you hit Biff Atlas with a punching bag do it two more times then suck him up.

Get Lydia

After capturing Neville, you’ll get the key to Lydia’s room. follow the map to get there. Once inside the room, you’ll see Lydia combing her hair. She won’t notice you unless you move the curtain in the background with the poltergust 3000. She will be disturbed by a draft giving you the chance to suck her in.

Capture Neville

Enter this one hallway in level 1 where you’ll find your first 3 gallery ghosts to capture. The firsts one’s Neville. Look the other way behind the rocking chair to see Neville reading a book. Avoid the flying books and wait till Neville yawns. That’s your cue to shine the light on him and suck him in!

Finding Henry And Orville

After the twins tell you to hide and you reenter, vacuum the boxes. If the box shakes, open it.

Get rid of fake doors

Use the Flamethrower element on the annoying fake doors and they will melt and disappear. Note: They will return after you enter another door.

Extra hearts and money

Use your vacuum to clean all lamps, chandeliers, and vases. Most of them will contain either hearts (life) and money.

Capture Chauncey

This is the first real boss ghost and is quite hard. First enter the nursery and vacuum the rocking horse till you wake the baby. Then he will attack you and send flying teddy bears at you too. You must vacuum the ball till it stick to your vacuum. Then fire it at the baby. He will get mad and then shrink you. Now avoid the flying horses he send at you and when he throws balls at you one is always left lying there. Vacuum it up and then fire it at the baby. Now is your cue to vacuum him up. If he break free of your vacuum, repeat this process.

Capture The Floating Whirlindas

Wait for them to do a twirl and then vacuum the gentlemen.

Capture Shivers

Get the key to the Laundry Room and be able to shoot fire. Now, find him walking around with a candlestick in the first hallway. Now light up those candles and follow him to the butler’s room. He will lie down tired. You may now vacuum him up.

Capture Bogmire

This is the second boss. When you defeat the three ghosts in the graveyard, go to the main headstone and he will appear. You will be transported to a round room where he makes balck copies of himself. Suck one up till it becomes trapped on your vacuum and fire it at him. He will now be vulnerable to be sucked.

Capture Spooky

In the Boneyard, get some water into you vacuum and pour it into the dog’s bowl. He will chase you. Then Mr. Bones will come to help the dog. Suck him up and he will drop a bone. The dog will lick the bone. Now is your chance to suck him up.

Capture Melody

In the conservatory, start all the instruments playing and then the piano. The ghost Melody will appear, play a tune and then ask you a question. Get it right and ahe will send paper after you. Suck it up and she will look disappointed. Now you can flash her and suck her up. If you egt her question wrong, go out and come back in.

Golden Mice

There are 5 golden mice in the game that appear if you click a piece of cheese in first-person. These mice only appear when the room is dark. If you capture them they give a ton of money. These cheeses appear in the Study, Fortune-teller’s room, Dining room, Tea room and Safari room.

Capture Miss Petunia

After getting the Ice Element in you vacuum, go to the third floor bathroom at the north-west end of the corridor. Now you should see her bathing in her bath. Suck the curtain away and spray ice at her. Now you can catch her.

Blue Ghosts

Sometimes when you check an object, a blue ghost appears. If you can catch him, he will give up loads of treasure. However one blue ghost only appears once.

Capture Slim Bankshot

When he fires the balls into the sky, suck them up and fire them at him. Do this three time to reveal his heart.

Capture Nana

Check the balls of wall on the table to make them fall. Now suck one up one at a time and fire them at Nana. Of you miss you must leave and try again. Once you hit her three times in a row, you can capture her.

Secret Warp Zones

Running around from one end of the mansion to the other can be a very time consuming task. Thankfully, Nintendo has implemented hidden warps that let you zoom back to the entrance hall. Basically, any mirror in the mansion (except for the large one that reflects the invisible ghosts) can act as a warp. To warp using a mirror, switch to your Game Boy Horror’s first person mode and examine the mirror with A. After a really trippy warp sequence, you will find yourself in the entrance hall of Luigi’s Mansion.

Secret Treasure Rooms

There are two secret treasure rooms in Luigi’s Mansion that you can access to load up on gems and money:

– The first one is located on the first floor, in the south-west corner of the Mansion. After you have sucked in the candle-carrying butler, examine the room with your Game Boy Horror to find a mouse hole. Press A to activate it and go inside to enter the treasure room.

– The second treasure room is accessible from the roof top. Use the elevator in the toy chamber to get on the roof, the go all the way to the right and climb up on the chimney. Fall down and you will land in another treasure room.

Hint: Order of Mansions

In this game there are different Mansions. Each Mansion has a different level and a letter to show the value of the Mansion. When you beat the game the first time, you start the same Mansion but that Mansion is being shaped in the money you had until you get enough and get the biggest Mansion. You start from the very broken down house until you get enough money and get to the biggest Mansion “Luigis Mansion”. The letter you start with is E depends on how much money you collected until you get to letter A, then you completed the game completly.

How to spot a fake door

Any door facing north can be a fake. To find out if it’s safe, start sucking in the door with the vacuum. If it jiggles, it’s safe, if it doesn’t… BY ALL MEANS, DON’T OPEN IT!!!!

Alternate poses in gallery

When you go to capture an escaped ghost try and take them out in one vacuuming session. If you drain all 100 life in one go they will drop a special pearl and all ther smallers pearls they dropped will be there as well. When you go to take them back to Dr. Gadd check the gallery before returning to the mansion. The frame will be gold and sparkling and their will be an alternate pose for the ghost.

Higher Life

If you are low on life points here are some big hearts to get points back. The first one is in the room where you capture Chauncey go to the right when you enter and vacume the pink cheast of drawers. The second is upstairs on the floor where you capture the gohst artist. Go to the room with all of the animal skins and go to the right side. There you will find a table with a purse on it vacume it to get the second. The third is down stairs where the room where all of the stored food and dirt piles are. Go to the center shelves and vacume the middle shelf. he last one is in the graveyard where you battled the Bogmire. Go and vacume the grave stone in the top right corner. That is how you get the giant hearts.

How to get more money and coins in the parlor.

To get more money and coins in the parlor you must tap everthing in the room and you soon will have money and coins galore.