Game: Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition

Platform: GameCube

Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition Cheats

Expert mode

Enter ZELDA as a name to start on the second quest. Note: This is just like the first quest, only slightly more difficult with some items in different places, and slightly higher prices in some stores.

Save any time

Pause game play, then press Up + Y + A on controller two. Select the “Save” option that appears with controller one. Note: Selecting the “Continue” option will bring you to the start of the world map if you are currently outside or to the
beginning of the dungeon when inside with three hearts of health.

Save Anytime on Majora’s Mask

On Majora’s Mask you can make a save anytime! You need both files open for this or it won’t work. Simply save the game at an owl statue like normal, then when the game exits, go to the file select and copy the file you just saved to Save 2, then you can continue the game without having to worry about the game freezing (making you lose all your progress) and you can get a good save at any time.

More Bottles in Ocarina of Time

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, to get more bottles first equip a bottle, in one of the slots. Then go and find something to put in a bottle (i.e.: Fairie, Bug, Fish, or anything else you can think of!). Now, hit the Button the bottle is in to catch the thing and hit start directly after hitting the button. Now select an item you do not want (Claim Check is good to use after you get the Biggoron’s Sword) and equip it where the bottle you were catching something with was. Press start again and you will see Link still catching the item. Now you have an extra bottle. You can have 24 bottles, but then you would not have any sub items! Note: DO NOT SAVE AFTER DOING THIS OTHERWISE YOU CAN NOT GET

Funny Sounds

At the main menu, press Z every half second. The sounds you hear are from Navi the Fairy from “Ocarina of Time”. She’s saying “Hello”, “Listen” & “Hey”.

Easy save on Zelda I

Instead of saving your game by either dying or pressing Up + Y + A on controller 2. On controller 1, press START then X. It will go into that screen with CONTINUE, SAVE, etc.

Ocarina of Time Cheat

In the game Ocarina of Time, catch a bug with a bottle. Then release it. It will turn into many bugs! Once you have filled all of your bottles, go to the bug merchant in Kakariko Village and sell all but one of your bugs. Keep reproducing bugs ans sell them until your filthy rich!

Getting The Zora Mask

To get this mask, go to Great Bay Coast with Epona. You’ll notice that there is a Zora drowning. Bring him to shore by grabing him then listen to his story. After that, he will die and you will get the Zora Mask.

Getting The Goron Mask

Follow a Goron ghost to the Goron Gravyard using The Lens of Truth. Once you’re at the grave yard at the Goron ghost’s grave, play the Song of Healing so he can rest in peace. Then you get the Goron Mask.

Getting The Deku Mask

After the mini fight with the Imp in Clock Town, you get this mask from The Happy Mask Man.

Easy rupees

On orcarina of time go outside hyrule castle town and wait for it to start changing to night at which point step on one of the chains of the castle door and stay on it until the wooden door is upright keep standing on the chain/wooden door when it is fully upright you should be standing on the wood of the door walk along the wood and you should get rupees as you walk along it.