Game: Zoids Saga

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Zoids Saga Cheats

What to do with the UX core in All stars world

Note before doing cheat:To make sure this cheat goes well you have to have the Liger Zero data and enough money to buy it.

After you defeat the Berserk furher, in All stars world, DON’T GO INTO INTO ALL STARS TOWN, I REPEAT DON’T GO INTO ALL STARS TOWN. Instead go to the silver orb and teleport yourself back to Aracadia. Go to the Zoid Construction shop, then buy the Liger Zero. Go back to All stars time and when you go into town, Burahado will say that she is taking the UX core and Fran. She takes them and you know that you still have the Liger Zero. So pretty much she took nothing, but the game has to make her take it!