Game: Wario Ware, Inc.:Mega Micrograme$

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Wario Ware, Inc.:Mega Micrograme$ Cheats

Music Test

Choose the “Name Entry” selection at the options screen. Select “Yes” to enter a name. Do not actually enter a name. Instead, press L to display the music test screen.


To unlock the game seen in the intro, Pyoro, simply play every game of every character.

Pyoro 2

To unlock Pyoro 2, the sequel to Pyoro, get medals on every game in Game Practice mode.

Staff mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock an option to view the game’s developers..

Dr. Wario mini-game

Get 15 mails against Blue Jimmy.

Fly Swatter mini-game

Get 20 mails against Yellow Jimmy.

Wario’s Sheriff mini-game

Get 25 mails against Red Jimmy.

Paper Plane mini-game

Successfully defeat Red Jimmy.

Scroll faster on grid

You can scroll through the writing faster on the grid by tapping or holding L or R.

Intermission bonus

During a break when it shows a character, press A and something will happen.

Boss mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock an option to fight just Bosses.

Easy Mode

Defeat Wario to unlock the “Easy mode” option.

Thrilling Mode

Complete the game in easy mode with a high score to unlock the “Thrilling mode” option.

Hard Mode

Get at least 15 mails in Thrilling mode.

Alternate Music in Jump Forever

Get over 100 points in Jump Forever to unlock three alternate songs the next time that mini-game is played.

Control Credits Music

During the credits press L to boost the bass and press R to boost the treble.