Game: Sonic Advance

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Sonic Advance Cheats

Moon Zone

Collect all seven Emeralds for all characters. Successfully complete the game as Sonic to unlock the Moon Zone.

Sonic & Tails Mode

Once you’ve beated all the levels with all characters go to character selection screen and press Up, Right, Down, Right, L, Right, R, Right and A and you should hear a ring sound. Now, choose a stage and tails should be with sonic. Although you can’t use tails, theres no point having him there, but it’s fun.

Fast Super Spin Dash

Hold Down + A at least ten seconds during game play. Next, hold L for about five seconds and release all three buttons. Your character will do a fast Super Spin Dash. This trick works best with Sonic or Knuckles.

Hold Down + A rapidly about twenty times. You should see a large cloud of dust on back of Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. Quickly release the buttons. If done correctly, the move should be faster than the normal Spin Dash.

Grinding rails

Sonic and Amy can both grind rails. Approach the beginning of the rail. Jump on the flat part of the rail and press R. Note: You can only grind rails if you start at the beginning of the rail. No other characters except Sonic and Amy have this ability.

Sonic: Air dash

While in the air, rapidly press Left(3) or Right(3) and Sonic will dash in that direction.

Sonic: Flip in air

Use the following trick to make Sonic do flips in the air (and not turn into a ball with spikes). Press B + A three times.

Knuckles: Skip on water

Stand at about the middle of an island with water next to it. Jump, glide, and hit the water. You should start to jump up. Keep A held until you reach another island. You will get 200 points for every jump.

Knuckles: Fourth attack

To do a fourth attack as Knuckles, hold Down after the uppercut.

Get Super Sonic

Collect all 7 Chaos emeralds to unlock Super Sonic.

Chao always hungry

Note: This trick requires Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and the link cable. Put the Chao you want to train into Sonic Advanced, then feed it until it is full. Trade the Chao the Gamecube. Immediately put it back onto Sonic Advanced and eight spaces in your Chao’s belly will be empty. You can do this as many times as desired.

Many Chaos quickly

Note: This trick requires Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and the link cable. Send the Chao on the Tiny Chao Garden to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Then, get a new egg in the Tiny Chao Garden. Since your first egg is free and the white eggs are free, you can get a large amount of Chao.

Rename Chao

To change the name of your Chao, take the hand and move it over of your Chao’s name. It should become highlighted. Press A for a new screen that has characters for your Chao’s name. Press B to delete the current name then highlight the new characters and press A to give your Chao a new name. This is useful if you bought the game used, and do not like the name that your Chao was given.

Better Chao

If you raise your Chao in the Tiny Chao Garden, it will become stronger and much faster than in the Big Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Get your Chao to yell at you

Note: This trick requires the television. Let the Chao walk around until it begins to watch the television. While it is watching it, pick up the television and he will begin to yell and scream at you.

Move picture up

Chose any character and level, then hold Up. The screen should move up. Note: This is useful when there is an enemy above you.

Stunt pictures

Make your character do a cool flip or stunt. Before they can get back to the ground, press Start. You will have your own picture of a stunt.

Glitch: Act 2: No damage

After you defeat Eggman, stand in the middle of the screen and wait there. The big case with the animals you release will fall and hit you. However, you will not lose any rings or a life.

Hint: Tiny Chao: Fruit

To follow this, the Fruits effects will be listed like this

Mood Belly Swim Fly Run Power Stamina

1st Fruit +1 +2 Good/+ Bad/- Bad/- Good/+ Good/+
2nd Fruit +1 +2 Good/+ Bad/- Good/+ Bad/- Good/+
3rd Fruit +1 +2 Good/+ Good/+ Bad/- Bad/- Good/+
4th Fruit -1 +2 +/- 0 Bad/- Good/+ Good/+ Good/+
5th Fruit +1 +2 Bad/- Good/+ Good/+ Bad/- Good/+
6th Fruit -2 +1 Bad/- Good/+ Bad/- Good/+ Good/+
7th Fruit -3 +/- 0 Good/+ +/- 0 Good/+ Good/+ Bad/-

Hint: Get the Television in the Tiny Chao Garden

First, get the Trumpet and the Duck, then win both of the mini-games there ( the two Game Boys at the top right corner of the screen). If you have 8,000 rings, then you can buy the Television. If not, then it is probably going to take a while to get it, depending on how much rings you have.

Go Back To Title Screen

To get back to the title screen while playing the game, press start, select, A, and B at the same time.

Easy Rings in the Tiny Chao Garden

To have easy rings on the tiny chao garden you will need to go on any level with any character. Complete that act with a lot of rings (I can get over 100 on the first level). Those rings will then be transfered to the Chao Garden. NOTE: this is a good hint to use to buy the toys for your chao. Trumpet:1,000 Duck:2,000 T.V:8,000.

Special Abilities

Each character has a special ability. Only Amy and Sonic have the same abilities. Tails can fly, Knuckles can glide in the air and climb walls and Amy and Sonic can grind rails.