Game: Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing Cheats

Drive As Olaf

Highlight Tarquinn, then hold L + R + Select and press Right at the driver selection screen. Olaf from The Lost Vikings will now be unlocked as a driver in normal or versus mode.


Highlight NHO, then hold L + R + Select and press Right at the planet selection screen. The Inferno level will now be unlocked in versus mode.

Larry Sound Test

Enter the options screen and put the pointer on Larry. After enabling Larry, press L or R to hear different quotations from Larry.

Destroying Other Racers

Select the Havoc or Battle Trak in versus or normal mode. If the CPU is about one or two dot moves behind, drop about two scatter mines at a turn on the track. The mines should split and the CPU will hit them. They will lift the car in the air and send it over a wall, causing it to crash. This must be timed correctly or it will just slow the CPU down or it will miss them completely.