Game: Pokemon Sapphire

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Pokemon Sapphire Cheats

Changing glitch block (Japanese version)

Go to the fifth city and Surf on the route that has a sign on the water. Next to it is a glitched block. Swim back and forth and it will change.

Pokemon that cannot be captured

The following Pokemon cannot be caught:

203. Bulbasaur
204. Ivysaur
205. Venusaur
206. Charmander
207. Charmeleon
208. Charizard
209. Squirtle
210. Wartortle
211. Blastoise
212. Caterpie
213. Metapod
214. Butterfree
215. Weedle
216. Kakuna
217. Beedrill
218. Pidgey
219. Pidgeotto
220. Pidgeot
221. Rattata
222. Raticate
223. Spearow
224. Fearow
225. Ekans
226. Arbok
227. Nidoran (F)
228. Nidorina
229. Nidoqueen
230. Nidoran (M)
231. Nidorino
232. Nidoking
233. Clefairy
234. Clefable
235. Paras
236. Parasect
237. Venonat
238. Venomoth
239. Diglett
240. Dugtrio
241. Meowth
242. Persian
243. Mankey
244. Primeape
245. Growlithe
246. Arcanine
247. Poliwag
248. Poliwhirl
249. Poliwrath
250. Bellsprout
251. Weepinbell
252. Victreebel
253. Ponyta
254. Rapidash
255. Slowpoke
256. Slowbro
257. Farfetch’d
258. Seel
259. Dewgong
260. Shellder
261. Cloyster
262. Gastly
263. Haunter
264. Gengar
265. Onix
266. Drowzee
267. Hypno
268. Krabby
269. Kingler
270. Exeggcute
271. Exeggutor
272. Cubone
273. Marowak
274. Hitmonlee
275. Hitmonchan
276. Lickitung
277. Chansey
278. Tangela
279. Kangaskhan
280. Mr. Mime
281. Scyther
282. Jynx
283. Electabuzz
284. Magmar
285. Tauros
286. Lapras
287. Ditto
288. Eevee
289. Vaporeon
290. Jolteon
291. Flareon
292. Porygon
293. Omanyte
294. Omastar
295. Kabuto
296. Kabutops
297. Aerodactyl
298. Snorlax
299. Articuno
300. Zapdos
301. Moltres
302. Dratini
303. Dragonair
304. Dragonite
305. Mewtwo
306. Mew
307. Chikorita
308. Bayleef
309. Meganium
310. Cyndaquil
311. Quilava
312. Typhlosion
313. Totodile
314. Croconaw
315. Feraligatr
316. Sentret
317. Furret
318. Hoothoot
319. Noctowl
320. Ledyba
321. Ledian
322. Spinarak
323. Ariados
324. Cleffa
325. Togepi
326. Togetic
327. Mareep
328. Flaaffy
329. Ampharos
330. Sudowoodo
331. Politoed
332. Hoppip
333. Skiploom
334. Jumpluff
335. Aipom
336. Sunkern
337. Sunflora
338. Yanma
339. Wooper
340. Quagsire
341. Espeon
342. Umbreon
343. Murkrow
344. Slowking
345. Misdreavus
346. Unown
347. Pineco
348. Forretress
349. Dunsparce
350. Gligar
351. Steelix
352. Snubbull
353. Granbull
354. Qwilfish
355. Scizor
356. Shuckle
357. Sneasel
358. Teddiursa
359. Ursaring
360. Swinub
361. Piloswine
362. Remoraid
363. Octillery
364. Delibird
365. Mantine
366. Houndour
367. Houndoom
368. Porygon2
369. Stantler
370. Smeargle
371. Tyrogue
372. Hitmontop
373. Smoochum
374. Elekid
375. Magby
376. Miltank
377. Blissey
378. Raikou
379. Entei
380. Suicune
381. Larvitar
382. Pupitar
383. Tyranitar
384. Lugia
385. Ho-oh
386. Celebi

HM list

HM 01 (Cut): Cuts down small bushes. Found inside the house to the left of the Pokemon Center in Kanazumi City.
HM 02 (Fly): Can fly to cities: Found in the town with the sixth Gym.
HM 03 (Surf): Can Swim. Found in the house left of the fourth Gym.
HM 04 (Strength): Allows you to push some rocks. Found in the town with fourth Gym.
HM 05 (Flash) Lights up dark areas. Found in the cave on the island with the second Badge.
HM 06 (Rock Smash): Smashes some rocks: Found in the house to the left of the third Gym.
HM 07 (Waterfall) Allows you to climb waterfalls. Found in the cave with the Legendary Pokemon in Rune.
HM 08 (Dive): Allows you to submerge under the ocean. Found in Tokusane City after beating the seventh Gym.


This is a useful item with multiple functions.

Map: This will display a map of Houen. You can move the pointer with the D-pad and can also press A to zoom in.
Poke-Info: This will display information about your Pokemon stats. These may show how much of a chance your Pokemon has of winning a Pokemon Contest. These can be raised with Poroks (the berries).
Trainer-Dex: This will show information on all of the trainers you have fought.
Hall Of Fame: After defeating the Elite 4, you can see your Pokemon that defeated them in the Hall of Fame.

Gym tactics

First, try using Kyamome or a Water/Grass starter. Then, try Water/Fire starter Grass at level 20 to 25. Finally, try Sandshrew with lots of Ground attack.

Recommended starting Pokemon

The best type of starting Pokemon (in order) are: Water, Grass, and Fire.

Pokemon Contest

In Pokemon Contest houses, you may enter your Pokemon into a contest for a chance to win a medal. However if you enter without any Porok level ups, you will have a very low chance of winning. The way to raise this is to go out and find the trees with berries on them, then press A. You will then receive 1 to 4 berries. If you now go to a Pokemon House, you will see small gray machines on the right. The empty one on the top is for multi-player. For now, find a house in a city that only has a man at the bottom. Go to the other side of the machine and press A. You will then be asked to pick a Porok (berry) and throw it in. The spinner will come down and start moving. The objective is to press A just when the spinner hits your arrow:

Circle Within A Circle: Direct hit (much faster)
Circle: Near hit (slightly faster)
X: Miss (slower )

The faster you (and your opponent) get the spinner moving, the better. Once the meter at the top hits the end, it is over and the results and the fastest RPM the spinner was moving will appear. You will then receive a Blended Porok. The level of it depends on how fast you got the machine going. The average appears to be 11. Next, open your Special Items Pocket and go to your “Pez dispenser” type item (which you must have to play the game — it is obtained from the girl in the first contest house). You will then pick a Blended Porok and feed it to a pet, making one of his Pokemon Contest stats (viewable in the Poke-Navi) go up. Some can even raise multiple stats. The more you do this, the better chance you have of winning.

Watch TV For Hints

Watch television to see commercials advertising bargains and the like. Here are some occurences to keep your eyes peeled for:
A commercial for the Mauville Game Corner. When it plays, head over there for increased prizes.
A commercial for the Lilycove Department Store. Get a discount after you see the commercial.
Pokemon sighting information. When the TV tells you a specific Pokemon is spotted, go to that location to find the monster in question.
A commercial for the Slateport City energy guy. Go to him to get energy items at a reduced price.

Find Latias

Once you become the Pokemon League Champion, pay extra attention to the TV. It will broadcast information about a super-rare Pokemon. After that, be on the lookout for the Latias, which is exclusive to the Sapphire version of the game.

Battle Tower Prizes

Complete tasks in the Battle Tower to earn the following prizes:

1-5 Victories:


6 or more Victories:

Bright Powder
Choice Band
Focus Band
King’s Rock
Mental Herb
Quick Claw
Scope Lens
White Herb

50 Victories in a row:

Award Ribbon
Silver Shield

100 Victories in a row:
Gold Shield


This Pokemon is very easy to obtain, but is quite good. It is the only Bug and Ghost type Pokemon. It has 1 HP no matter how high its level, but its special power Wonder Guard makes it almost invincible. Wonder Guard protects against all attacks except for those that are super effective. For example, Bug is weak against Flying types; if someone uses a Flying type move on Shedinja, it is going to get hit. To get Shedinja, you will need a Nincada. You can catch one on Route 116. Make sure you have a free slot for a new Pokemon (Shedinja). That means you can have only five Pokemon, including Nincada. Make sure you have at least one of the type of Pokeball you used to catch Nincada with. For example, if you caught Nincada with a Great Ball, make sure you have at least one Great Ball. Get it to evolve at level 20 into a Ninjask and learns three new moves. Once you are back out to the normal screen, go to your Pokemon. You will see that you just got another Pokemon, Shedinja.


Once you are able to track down Sharpedo in your Pokedex, do whatever is necessary to capture it. It is an excellent Water/Dark Pokemon that already knows Crunch, Dark’s most powerful attack. His speed is incredible and will be of great use later in the game.


Use the following steps to capture the three mysterious Pokemon called the Regis. Go to the southeast part of Route 134 and dive into the water. It is difficult to get to due to the currents, and it is the only deep part of that route. You will find a cave. At a part of the cave, there are some Braille writing on the wall. At that point, float to the top of the water, where you will end up in a cavern. Go into the last room by going forward, use Dig, and in the next room you must do something strange. Put a Relicanth in the front of your party, and a Wailord at the last place. Walk to the top of the room and read the Brail . You will trigger an earthquake, which will unlock the Regis. You can fish up a Wailmer to evolve at level 40 at Route 122, and find a Relicanth outside Sootopolis in the underwater grass (rarely, but it is there).

To find Registeel, you can access a volcano in the southwest region of Route 120. Enter it, then move towards the center of the room. Use Fly to find Registeel.

Note: The Braille writing for catching Registeel is: “With new time, hope and love, aim to the sky in the middle”.

To find Regirock, fly to lavaridge, bop down the mountain, and enter the desert. In the southern part of the desert, you will find a cavern. Enter it, then walk up to the center tile at the top of the room. Go two steps down and two steps right. Use strength to open the passage to Regirock.

Note: The Braille writing for catching Regirock is: “Right, right, down, down. Then, use strength”.

To find Regice, in Route 105, there is an island on the west side that has a mountain on it. Go there, enter, and stand in front of the tile. Press A, read it, press A again, and do not do anything else. The door will open after 2 or so minutes, and the last Regi is yours.

Note: The Braille writing for catching Regice is : “Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice”.


Go to Pacifldog Town. Then, surf to the east to Route 131 until you pass the boy and girl facing each other, that are separate. You will see an opening between some rocks. Go there and surf west. Keep going and you will see a cave opening. Go through it and enter the building. Go to the top of the building to find Rayquaza. Note: On the second and fourth floors, to pass the cracks you will need get the Mach bike to go at full speed.

Note: You need to beat the champion for Sky Pillar to be reachable.


To catch Ralts, a Psychic type Pokemon, early in the game, go into the grass directly outside of Petelsburg. You must have a positive disposition to encounter this Pokemon, which means your Pokemon must be attracted to you. This early in the game, it is almost impossible for them to really like you. It is weak at first, but a powerful Psychic type Pokemon can be very useful later in the game. Found in Route 102.

Pikachu and Pinsir

Found in the Safari Zone.


Other than by evolution, it can be found in Slateport, Pacifidlog, Evergrande, Mossdeep, Lilycove, Dewford, Routes 103,105 through 109, 110, 115, 118, 119, 121 through 123, and 124 through 134.


Mudkip is a Water type Pokemon. You can get it as a starter. Mudkip evolves in to Marshtomp at level 16 and it is a Water/Ground type Pokemon. Marshtomp evolves later at level 36 to Swampert, a Water/Ground type.

One of the best moves are Mud Shot, Earthquake, Blizzard, and Surf. Note: When you get Muddy Water, replace Water Gun with it. Then, when you get Surf, replace Muddy Water with it.


Mew is the only Pokemon that can learn all TMs and HMs. He can only be caught through a GameShark or CodeBreaker code.

Minun and Plusle

Found on Route 110.


This is a great Pokemon to have. It is a Water type which learns some Dragon moves and eventually Recover. Feebas does not evolve into Milotic they way a normal Pokemon does. To get Feebas to evolve, you must increase the beauty of it. To increase the beauty, it is best to use Indigo and Liteblue Pokeblocks. Save some Corn and Aguav Berries to make Pokeblocks with. Feed Feebas a number of Pokeblocks until its beauty is nearly at maximum. The next time Feebas grows another level, it will evolve into Milotic.


Other than by evolution, it can be found in New Mauville.


Magikarp can only be caught with an Old Rod.


To find Kyogre, go to the Cave Of Origin in Sootopolis City. It will be on Level 45 when you catch it. Kyogre is a Water type. Its ability is Drizzle and it summons Rain in battle. Its attacks are Body Slam (Power 85, Accuracy 100), Calm Mind (Power -, Accuracy -), Ice Beam (Power 95, Accuracy100), and Hydro Pump (Power120, Accuracy 80). You can only find Kyogre in Pokemon Sapphire.


Found in the Fiery Path. It may be a shiny version.

Illumise and Volbeat

Found on Route 117 only.


Found in the Safari Zone.


Found in the Fiery Path.

Gorebyss and Huntail

Get the scanner in the abandoned ship. Then, go to Slateport City. Go to the where the ferry is located and give the scanner to Mr. Stern. He will ask you to trade for his Deepseascale and the Deepsea Tooth. Choose either one of them, then give it to a Clamperl. This will raise its stats and allow it to evolve when traded. To get Gorebyss, give Clamperl the Deepseascale then trade it to a friend with a link cable. Then, have them trade it back to get Gorebyss. To get Huntail. give Clamperl the Deepseatooth and do the same thing.


Other than by evolution, it can be found in the Safari Zone.


Feebas can only be found on Route 119, and is very hard to find. Feebas only appears in six tiles on the route. The tiles are random, depending on the popular phrase you used in Dewford. Catching this Pokemon requires a lot of time and patience. However, when evolved into Milotic this Pokemon is very useful. To capture Feebas try using “Mudkip Ball” as your popular phrase in Dewford. Later it turns to “Natural Flowers”. Wait until “Natural Flowers” is the popular phrase or attempt to change it yourself. To find Feebas, get to Route 119. Start at the bottom and move north. Stop at the first little lake, immediately after the large patch of tall grass, and go as far left on the lake shore as you can. Surf, move one tile north, and fish with a Super Rod. Note: The tile locations may vary from game to game.


Other than by evolution, it can be found in the Safari Zone.

Deoxys and Jirachi

You cannot get Jirachi and Deoxys during the game. They are given away through a Nintendo event, much like Mew and Celebi were in previous Pokemon games.


Found at Mt. Pyre (outside area, on the very top).

Castform: Recommended moves

The best moves for Castform are Blizzard, Fireblast, Thunder, and Solar Beam.


After you save the weather institute, talk to the man blocking the doorway. He will give you the Castform. It changes form, depending on the weather. It knows Hail, Powder Snow, Rain Dance, and Sunny Day. It is a Normal type and is at level 25.

Blaziken: Recommended moves

The best moves for Blaziken are: Blaze Kick, Brick Break, Bulk Up, and Sky Uppercut.


After you defeat Steven (the champion), go to his house in Mossdeep City. Read the book (Letter) on the table. It says to take the Pokeball. It contains a Beldum, at level 5. It is a Steel/Psychic type that knows Take Down.


Bagon is the first stage of Salamence (Dake’s best Pokemon, which is Dragon and Flying type). You can find it in the smallest room in Meteor Falls. On the rectangular piece of land, you will find TM02 (Dragon Claw), which gives Attack 80 and Accuracy 100. Bagon evolves into Shellgon, then into Salamence. Salamence is like a fire dragon; cannot learn water attacks, but can learn Flying, Fire, and Dragon attacks.


When you get the Sea Incense from Mt. Pyre, breed two Marill (male and female). Give the female Marill the Sea Incense and put the two Pokemon in the Daycare Center. When you get the egg, you will get only male Azurills. If you gave the Sea Incense to the male Marill, you will only get female Azurills.

Altaria (other than evolution)

Found at the Sky Pillar.


Found on Route 120 only.

In-game reset

Hold Select + Start + A + B during game play.

Getting a female starter

Right before you are allowed to choose your starting Pokemon, use the Save option. Now, walk up to the bag and get your desired Pokemon. Restart the game if you want a female starter.

Get all three starting Pokemon

Wait until you can buy a Pokeball and catch at least one Pokemon. Trade with a friend at the Pokecenter. Make sure that your friend has a Pokemon to give away. Trade the Pokemon you selected in the start of the game, then start the game again. Continue this process until you have all three (Torchic, Treecko, and Mudkip). Make sure that when you trade to your friend, he has kept the Pokemon you have given him or her. When you have chosen the last starting Pokemon, catch two Pokemon. Trade with your friend again to get back the two other starting Pokemon you previously gave him. You should now have Torchic Mudkip and Treecko.


Other than by evolution, it can be found on Safari Zone.


Other than by evolution, it can be found on Route 129.


Go to the house near the water in Mossdeep. There should be a man standing next to it. Get the Super Rod from the man inside the house. Go down the steps of Mossdeep to the shallow water, where you can walk. Stand at the edge and use the rod. Wailmer will almost automatically start biting.

Volbeat and Illumise

Found on Route 117.


Found on Route 119.


Treecko is a Grass type Pokemon. You can get it as a starter. Treecko evolves at level 16 and turns in to Grovyle, a Grass type. After that, it evolves again at level 36 to Sceptile, a Grass type.


Torchic is a Fire type Pokemon and you get it as a starter. Torchic evolves at level 16 and turns in to Combusken, a Fire/Fighting type. After that, it evolves at level 36 into Blaziken, a Fire/Fighting type.

To use Torchic and not get defeated by the first Gym Leader, train it until it evolves to its second stage. It will learn Double Kick. Use it against the first Gym Leader. It is very effective against Rock types.


Tentacool can only be caught with an Old Rod.


To make it easier for Swampert to help defeat the Elite Four, teach it Surf, Ice Beam, and Earthquake, plus a move of your choice.

Shiny Swablu

A shiny Swablu can be found just outside of Meteor Falls, where Zangoose is caught. You will find a lot of Swablus. Keep searching and you can find a yellow/gold one.


Found on Routes 102, 111, 114, 117, and 120.


Found in Petalburg Woods.


Other than trading for Pikachu, it can be found on Route 116.


Found on Route 113.


Catch a Zigazoon as early as possible. Where ever you go and whatever you do, always keep the Zigazoon/Linoone in your party. Its Pickup ability will net you rare items throughout the game. Be sure to not to give him an item so he can pick things up. You can get anything ranging from Super Potions and Full Heals to Rare Candies, Full Restores, and even rare items such as King’s Rock.

The Two Pokemon Of The Elements

When going after the legendary representing the team of your game (Team Aqua or Team Magma), bring about 30 Ultra Balls, quite a few Revives, and at least a level 50 Pokemon. The Pokemon will be at level 45, and will be extremely difficult to catch. The only sure way to catch it is if you bring a Pokemon with a move that will freeze or paralyze it. Try as hard as you can not to kill it, but get it down to a red zone so far down that you can barely see it. Then, go mad throwing Ultra Balls at it. Do not use other Pokeballs. The will help greatly against the Elite Four and the final Gym leader.

Latios & Latias

When you get the Master Ball in Team Aqua’s/Magma’s lair, do not use it on Kyogre/Groudon. Latios and Latias will eventually appear in your game, and they are extremely difficult to catch. They will run from route to route.

Just after you finish the game, on television there will be a report about a one-of-an-kind Pokemon that is now loose in Hoenn. It will show up all over Hoenn in the grassy areas. You will only have one chance to catch it. It rarely appears. It depends on which game you are playing; Latios for Pokemon Ruby and Latias for Pokemon Sapphire.

When going after Latios and Latias, always use Repels so you are not interrupted by other Pokemon.

Rare Berries

Go to the Berry master’s house near Lilycove. And tell the berry master’s wife one of these codes:

Code – Needed

cool latios – Latios
overwhelming latias – Latias
challenge contest – contest pass
great battle – nothing

Pokeblock Case

You can find the Pokeblock Case in slateport city inside the pokemon contest. Talk to the girl in the corner when you walk through the door. She will say she has two and will give you one. Then you go to the pokeblock machine use a berry which you can find on numeras routes and play the game. How To Play Once the arrow comes around press A and it will show if you missed or hit after it will give you the berry and you give them to your pokemon to make them look cuter cooler stronger and such and such then you enter into the contest. Note : Works best with a pokemon the has the moves you need for the contest to impress the judges and get prizes.

Shell Bell

Go to the cave up from Mossdeep.There is an old man.Talk to him and he will ask you to get him 4 shoal salt and 4 shoal shells. Explore the cave in the morning(on the game)to find 4 shoal salt. Go back to the cave in the afternoon and it will be flooded. Explore and you will find 4 shoal shells. Shoal salt looks like brown dirt. Shoal shells look like a blue circle surrounded by white circles.

Soothe bell

Go to the pokemon fan club(in Rustboro or slateport). If your first pokemon really likes you talk to the person by the back wall. She will give you the Soothe Bell.

Black Glasses

Go to Rustboro.Go up till you can go up or left.And go left.Keep go till you find the cave where you get strength.Go in and when you can go left or right.Go left and exit the cave.There will be a guy there.Talk to him and hey will say”Will you help me find my glasses” Use the itemfinder.You will find the black glasses.Talk to the guy and he will leave.

Party pokemon

These pokemon are must-haves:

Gorudon (trade only!)

Getting the Mental Herb!

NOTE: Before attempting this, make sure your either you’ve have passed Fortree cityand on the way to Mossdeep city (It doesn’t matter if you have done anything else you just have to be up to the part where you have passed Mossdeep city.

Firstly go to the last tree house in Fortree city, that has the guy next to it that says Sniff… You, uh…smell singed. Where you at a volcano or something? Next go to the Kid that has the Wingull next to him talk to him then talk to his Wingull (If the Wingull went when you talked to the boy its O.K.). It will fly off to Mossdeep city. When you fly/reach Mossdeep city, go to the house where the staris are to Mossdeep Space Center “The closest place to place”. There is a guy and a girl in the house. Talk to the girl then talk to the Wingull (If the Wingull went when you talked to the girl its O.K.) Then fly back to Fortree City and talk to the boy. You will get the Mental Herb!


To get Bellosom, you must capture Gloom. (in the safari zone.) Then travel to Mossdeep City and defeat Liza and Kate then talk to this sailor, (he is outdoors.)he will say he found something rolling down the beach. He will give you a sunstone! Use the sunstone on Gloom, and he/she will evolve into bellosom.

Beginning Pok?mon

When you start the game, you can choose 3 types:

Mudkip, type: WATER, evolves on Lv. 16 into Marshtomp, type: WATER,GROUND, evolves on Lv. 36 into Swampert, type:WATER,GROUND. It will be useful against Leader Wattson in Mauville, Leader Roxanne in Rustboro, Leader Flannery in Lavaridge, and against Leader Tate & Liza in Mossdeep.

Treecko, type: GRASS, evolves into Grovyle on Lv. 16, type: GRASS, evolves in Sceptile on Lv. 36, Type: GRASS. It will be useful against Roxanne and Wallace.

Torchic, type: FIRE, evolves on Lv. 16 into Combusken, type: FIRE,FIGHT, evolves on Lv. 36 into Blaziken, Type:FIRE,FIGHT. It will be useful against Roxanne (when evolved).

Recommended: Mudkip, because it’s useful against much leaders, Torchic, because it’s a fire type, and those are very hard to find in the beginning.


In the beginning of the game, catch a Poochyena. It will be weak first, but if you train it enough it will become very useful against Leader Tate & Liza in Mossdeep City who uses PSICHIC moves that don’t affect DARK types, and also against the 2nd elite 4 who uses GHOST moves that are not effective against DARK types.

Special Secret Base Items

There is sometimes something on the TV that says that lilicove department store has a clear-out sale in sertain days when you go there on the clear-out sale go to the upper roof (where you can buy soda pop lemonade and fresh water.) talk to a man in a white shirt and he want to sell you special SECRET BASE ITEMS like tire, stand, slide, sand ornament, some fences, mudd ball, rhydon/wailmer doll, Tv’s and for some more you have to look for yourself. Note: it is pretty expensive.

100% Solar beam accuracy

If it?s sunny weather in battle use the move solar beam and it?s accuracy will be at 100%

100 Thunder Accuracy

If it rains in battle and if you use the move Thunder it can always hit.

Hondew Berry’s

Make sure you can use the move from HM 07 waterfall go to Fortree city and walk left and then south past the trees until you reach a river surf from there to the north past the waterfall and walk left there will be 2 trees that contain 2 Hondew berry?s.

Blue and Green Carvanha

Go to route 119 and find the house. Go left and fish with the super rod and you should eventually find and blue and green carvanha.


When you get the “CLAW FOSSIL” in the desert go to Slateport city and go to Devon Company. Go to first floor and talk to the scientist at the extreme right, he will tell u that he has made a machine taht brings back pokemon back to life from there fossils. Give him the fossil and got to second floor and again come down and he will give u tthe pokemon “ANORITH”.


Other than by trading for Bellosom (in pacifidlog), it can be found near/in Ever Grande City.


Can be found in the Granite cave, in a rugged rock.

Pok?mon Evolutions

These Pok?mon evelve only by trading:

No40 Kadabra > No41 Alakazam
No58 Graveler > No59 Golem
No74 Machoke > No75 Machamp
No76 Clamperl > No77 Huntail/No78 Gorebyss
These Pok?mon evolve with stones:
No20 Lombre > No21 Ludicolo (by water stone)(only in Sapphire)
No23 Nuzleaf > No24 Shiftry (by leaf stone)(only in Ruby)
No61 Skitty > No62 Delcatty (by moon stone)
No89 Gloom > No90 Vileplume (by leaf stone)
No89 Gloom > No91 Bellosom (by sun stone)
No153 Vulpix > No154 Ninetales (by fire stone)
No156 Pikachu > No157 Raichu (by thunder stone)
No138 Jigglypuff > 139 Wigglytuff (by moon stone)
Most Pok?mon evolve between Lv 34 and Lv 50


When there are berry plants blooming, water them, save the game, then turn the Game Boy On and off. when you continue the plants will have berries. Places to get berries: Pretty Petal flower shop, Berry Masters house, Lilicove (from the gentleman), and Sootopolis (from Kiri).

Note: plant berries in the berry masters garden sso you know where to find them.

Azurill, Pichu and Igglybuff

To get these pok?mon, you have to get a male and a female from each. Azurill>Marrill can be found on route 117. Pichu>Pikachu can be found in the safari zone, Igglybuff>Jigglypuff can be found on route 115. Give a Marrill the sea incense from Mt. Pyre, the Pikachu the magnet from the Trick Master and the Jigglypuff the Silk Scarf from Dewford (the house right next to the boat) and leave them at the day care. After a While you get an egg, let it hatch and you’ve got them!

Glass flutes & glass secret base items

This are the workings of the flutes that you can get in the glass workshop.

250 steps: blue flute: awakens pok?mon
500 steps: yellow flute: snaps pok?mon out of confusion
500 steps: red flute: snaps pok?mon out of attraction (love)
1000 steps: white flute: lures wild pok?mon (i think that you have more chances of getting items from zigzagoon/linoone if you use this flute)
1000 steps: black flute: wards off wild pok?mon
6000 steps: pretty chair
8000 steps: pretty desk

Shiny/weird colord pok?mon

You can find a shiny wailmer on route 132, where you also can find a horsea. You can find a weird colord golbat in the sky pillar, first floor.

Shiny Volbeat

The way I found Shiny Volbeat is on Route 117 which is on the south side of the route closest to SR. and JR. Anna and Meg and closest to the water.

Mystery Events Club

After defeating the fifth gym leader,go to the Pokemon