Game: Karnaaj Rally

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Karnaaj Rally Cheats

Cheating Device Codes

1E Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000636F 000A
10028A80 0007
Unlock All Cars & Tracks 32016B20 0004
Infinite Cash 8201A128 C350
Infinite Mines 33000E70 0005
Infinite Rockets 33000E71 0008
Infinite Turbo 83000E66 0200
Engine Upgraded 3201A120 0003
Tires Upgraded 3201A121 0003
Armor Upgraded 3201A122 0003
No Damage 83000E68 0500
Low Lap Time 8201A140 0000
Start On Lap 4 73000E46 0000 83000E46 0300
Press Select+L To End Race 74000130 01FB
330062B8 0008


Complete career mode and you get 4 extra tracks and 3 extra cars in quick race and ghost mode.

Finish Last Track

The last track is tough. Play it over and memorize the layout. Avoid bumping sides and use the rockets when the faster car passes you.