Game: Finding Nemo

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Finding Nemo Cheats

Level Codes

Level 1 – IH5I
Level 2 – HZ5I
Level 3 – ZZ5I
Level 4 – 806I
Level 5 – 7KPI
Level 6 – 8JPI
Level 7 – 8RL2
Level 8 – Q8L2

Level: Turtle Drive

Start Finding Nemo and go to passwords. Type in R7L2 and after Turtle Drive comes up press start.

Level: Treatment Plant

Type QQ3H as a password.

Level: Finding Father

Type in 88MO as a password.

Final level

Enter H0C0 as a password.

Level select and all pictures in gallery

Enter M6HM as a password.