Game: Digimon Battle Spirit 2

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Digimon Battle Spirit 2 Cheats

Flying Burninggraymon

When you are Agunimon (fire spirit) and are able to slide evolution to Burninggraymon, jump and press Up + B. Burninggraymon will fly across the screen. If Burninggraymon hits your enemy, it will make a lot of D-Spirit balls fall out, and occasionally some ancient spirits

Defeating Kerpymon

Keep firing your weapon/spirit shot at his head and repeat as necessary. When the cloud appears, attack it before it zaps you. Then, repeat attacking but avoid his attacks. When he uses his Black Hole attack, use your Speed Run and go to the corner of the screen before he gets you.

Hyper Digivolution Special Move

Keep attacking your opponent constantly until yellow diamonds come out of it. Collect all those diamonds, until you see you have five diamonds in the top bar. When you have maximum digivolution Power, press A + B + Up and your Digimon will do a super special move. Many diamonds will fall out of the opponent after the attack.

Various Characters

Beat game with two characters: Loweemon
Beat game with all characters. Agunimon, Kumamon or Kazemon must get over 800 points: ExAgunimon
Beat game with all characters. Lobomon, Beetlemon or Loweemon must get over 800 points: ExLobomon