Game: Bionicle: The Game

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Bionicle: The Game Cheats

Have Onua’s Level Done

To complete Onua’s level, just go to passwords and put in “WLBQBB”.

Unlock Minigames

Unlock a selection of six minigames by entering unusual names. Start a new game and choose one of the names below as the name of your character. After the adventure begins, save your game. When you reset and select a single-player minigame, the name’s corresponding game will be available.

Name – MiniGame

8mr472 – ussal crab dig
9ma268 – ngalawa boat race
5mg834 – koli football
3LT154 – kewa bird riding
V33673 – huai snowball sling
4cr487 – ignala lava surfing

All Toa Symbols

Go to the passwords screen and enter 3QQQGC. Toggle from toa to toa nuva by pressing R.

All Toa Missions Completed

Enter FD555B as a name.