Game: Battle Network Rockman EXE 2

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Battle Network Rockman EXE 2 Cheats

WWW area

Successfully complete the game to unlock the WWW area. Go to Ula Internet area 4 and look for a glowing red warp. Enter it to access the WWW area.

Strongest Combo

At the Battle with etheir the Opponent are Virus or Navi, put a Battle Chip “Prism” right in middle of the Opponent`s Field. Then throw a “Forest Bomb” to the Prism on the opponent`s field.

Gamecube logo

After defeating Shadowman, reenter the main mother computer. Go to the back of the computer. Stand in front of the “mother computer main server”, where Shadowman was standing before you fought him. Slowly go to Megaman’s right. Upon a stack of cubes with purple, squiggly lines on them will be the Gamecube logo.

SS license

After you get the S license, “Delete Gospel”, and “Star ID”, go through the Undernet to where the laser grid with the “?” on it was located. Check it and it will open. The portal will then take you directly to the WWW area 1. Go through with your S license in hand, but be careful. Once you are inside the WWW you cannot jack out. Once through, you will see many new enemies and some are very difficult to kill. Just run from or kill them and use Full-Enrgs. Go as far as you can through WWW in area 1. Do not go into area 2, no matter what. You will find a cube requiring an S license to open. There are still more obstacles, Before going through the portal there, you will encounter three Protecto1s. To delete these you will have to do 200 damage to all of them at once. Once they are gone, go through the portal and unlock the “Mystery Data”. It is army data. Jack out at this point and save the game. Jack back in again and go to the License Examiner. You can now take the test.

SSS license

Set either an Invis chip with a * code as your default chip, and make sure you have the chip ZeusHamr. In most of the battles, this will kill all the enemies. It can break through Guard; it even works on Hardheads. Note: Make sure that if there is a Cloudy or a Flappy that you do not use ZeusHamr until after they land or else it will not hit them.

Easy S-busting level

A very good way to get an S busting level is to use Advances. It seems necessary for some Bosses such as Bass. Some good ones are: Life Srd 3 (line up Elec, Heat, and aqua Blades. Buy them or get them from Green Mystery Data in WWW area 1); Arrows (Double, Triple, and Quad Needle); and Ultra bomb (Lil, Cros, and Big Bombs).

Best Chip Trader

The best Chip Trader is the one in the ACDC Town Metroline.

Getting free Navi chips

You can get Navi chips in the slot in Netopia near the Hotel and Bank. Choose ten chips in the slot and get a new Navi chip back free. Sometimes you can even get Version 2 Chips. Note: A Navi chip does not appear every time.

Defeat Freezeman, then go to ACDCtown. There will be a chip trader by the posters. You will get all the Navi chips except Bass and a few other that you can get only in the WWW area.

Easy Zenny

From where you are presently, keep walking around and battle a lot of enemies. If you are in Ms. Million’s bag, you can get about 400 Zenny in each battle. You can also get 10,000 Zenny from doing the love letter job and from Ms. Millions.

In the Undernet 5 are three Green Mystery Datas. Save in front of them, then move the pointer in one direction to receive 100 Zenny, a virus, or 50,000 Zenny in each one of the three Green Mystery Datas.

Make sure you have Untrap. Go to Undernet 5. There will be three mystery program data. Use the Sub-chip Untrap and walk up to one of the mystery data. Unlock it. It will more than likely say “You got 100 Zenny!”. Find the other one. It will usually have the same message. Find the last one. It will say “You got 50,000 Zenny!”. Then, jack out and do it again. You can only do this a total of seven times; save it for when you need it.

Navi Chip codes

The code at the bottom of a Navi chip is its name in Japanese. For example, Bass is named Forte and his code is F. Protoman is named Blues and his symbol is B.

Black Navi locations

Black Navi 1: Underkoto
Black Navi 2: Undernet area 6
Black Navi 3: Netarea 2
Black Navi 4: Yumland area 2

Airman Version 3

You can find Airman Version 3 in Den Area 1. He deals around 100 damage for each attack but you can get 500 Zenny if you have a low rankFor about a Busting Lv. 6, you can get another Airman Chip.

Extra Damage from Airman Chip

Go to the front and if an enemy is in the front rank also, use the Airman chip to do double the damage.

Geddon3 chip

After you defeat Shadow Man, go to MarinHarbor. From the center building, go down the flight of stairs and look closely at the screen. You should see a blur every few seconds. Walk up and talk to it. A little girl will say, “You found it! You take it”. You will receive the Geddon3 chip.

After acquiring the Geddon3 chip, put it in your folder with a Repair Chip (preferably a * code chip). Being that it makes all panels, swap panels (which constantly takes your health away). Use the Repair to fix your panels, leaving your opponents to suffer. Note: Have Repair out when you take out Geddon 3.

2xHero Chip Advance

You must have these chips in this order during a battle for the 2xHero Chip upgrade: Custswrd B, Varswrd B, Protoman B. Note: You must have the same code and have to be in the order shown.

BigHeart Advance

Select, in order, HolyPanel R (from Brush Man), Recover300 R (from having SS or SSS license in Undernet 7), and Roll R (v1,v2,v3).

BodyGaurd Advance

Put the following chips in the order shown: Dropdown S, Anti-Navi S, ShadowMan S (V1,V2,V3).

Curse Advance

The Curse Advance does quite a lot of damage. You must have CurseShield1, 2, and 3; Code: P, A, or O for all of them. To use any of the CurseShields, you must get hit, then the thing dashes out and bites. The Curse Advance dashes down all three lines, biting.

Darkness Advance

In order to get the strongest attack in the game, you must have these chips in this order: Bass v3 X, AntiNavi X, Fire/Aqua/Elec/Wood Gspl X. Note: It will not work with another Bass because their chip code is F.

PoisPhar Advance

Put the following chips in the order shown: PoisMask A,Poisface A, Anubis A.

O-Canon1 Chip

Select Cannons A B C D and E in that order. This allows you to shoot Cannons with unlimited ammunition for ten seconds at the speed of the X-Buster. This can only be selected in battle.

O-Canon2 Chip

Select Hi-Cannons C D E F and G in that order. This allows you shoot Hi-Cannons with unlimited ammunition for ten seconds at the speed of the X-Buster. This can only be selected in battle.

Z-Canon1 Chip

Select Cannons A B C, B C D, or C D E in that order. This allows you to shoot Cannons with unlimited ammunition for five seconds at the speed of the X-Buster. This can only be selected in battle.

Z-Canon2 Chip

Select Hi-Cannons C D E, D E F, or E F G in that order. This allows you to shoot Hi-Cannons with unlimited ammunition for five seconds at the speed of the X-Buster. This can only be selected in battle.

Zeta Cannon upgrade chip

During a fight, at any time you get these chips, you will form the Zeta Cannon: Cannon A, Cannon B, Cannon C. Note: You have only five seconds with this cannon — shoot as many shots as possible. Remember to put them in alphabetical order.

Subchip plus memory

After you defeat Magnet Man, go to Netopia. In first screen (after going out from Arrival Lobby), search a tree in west screen. Talk to the boy and you will get Subchip plus memory.

Secret chips (251 to 260)

To get the ten secret chips, you must have two Gameboy Advances, two Mega Man Battle Network 2 games, and a link cable. Both games must have at least three stars next to their name. If you have four stars, the odds will be higher. Link up the games and go into Network. Save the game when prompted, then choose Netbattle (not Practice Battle). Battle the other person and get an S rank on them. This is done easier if one player allows the other to kill them. You will get a secret chip approximately every twenty battles. The secret chip you get will be random.

Get Sanctuary chip (266)

Get all of the five stars and begin hard mode. When you complete hard mode, Sanctuary will be in your original save file (not hard mode).

Using Slasher

Hold A and if an enemy comes in front of you, they will get hit.

Removing panels

When you get into a battle and there are panels that move you up and down, wait until the chip selector appears. If Repair is in your deck, use it and it will take away the panels that move you up and down.

Transparent Mega Man

Go to a panel in Kotobuki, Yumland, or Undernet and slide on the arrow panels. Walk back into the panels. Note: It should not t let you through. This will make two Mega Man bodies appear; if not, just two faces.

Free look at a locked cube

If you want to just take a look at the purple cube and you have an Unlocker, save the game next to it. Use the Unlocker and if the item is bad, then reset the game.

Element styles

The Element of the type of chips you use depends on what style you get first. For example, Fire Chips for Fire Element, Water Chips for Water Element, etc.

Blocking Fishys

Whenever you fight a Fishy (V1 V2 or V3), use a chip that sets up an obstacle (Remobit, Guardian, etc.) and put it in front of you. The Fishys cannot go through these obstacles. This is useful for buying time to get chips or P.A. in the exams.

Shadow Wide Sword

If you have any type of Shadow Chip and already upgraded the charge in your Mega Man profile, equip the Shadow Chip during battle and charge your Blaster while you are in shadow mode. When the charge is ready, release A and you will immediately transport to the enemy panels. The closest enemy to you will be hit with the Shadow Wide Sword, as well as anyone else in a vertical angle. The damage is the same from your Blaster when charged.

Third folder

Defeat Shadowman and Freezeman. Then, go to the Mother Computer area. Go to the second mini-computer (the first one you jack into). There will be a girl there that wants a Bigbomb Star. Give one to her and she will give you a Program Advance Folder. Note: It does not contain every Chip for every Program Advance.

Battle Bass

After defeating Planetman, you can fight the real Bass. He has 2000 HP and a Life Aura 1 that will reappear. When you defeat him, you will get his Bass chip.