Game: Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge Cheats


In every level you will find notes. Even on Spiral Mountain. Collect 100 of them on each level to get a puzzle piece. You also need notes for the mole to teach you a move.

Special Moves

Get the following moves from the indicated level.

Battery Gun: Bad Magic Bayou (press L + B + R)
Climb: Cliff Farm (press Up on anything climbable)
Dive: Cliff Farm (press R in bubbling water)
Drill Bill: Bad Magic Bayou (press A + L)
Fire Gun: Freezing Furnace (hold L + B and press R(3)
Flap Flip: Breegul Beach (press L + A)
Fly: Breegul Beach (press A (2))
Forward Roll: Cliff Farm (press B while moving)
Ice Gun: Spiller’s Harbor (hold L + B and press R(2))
Kazooie Gun: Breegul Beach (press L + B)
Pack Whack: Spiral Mountain (press B)
Rat-a-tat Rap: Bad Magic Bayou (press A + B)
Shock Spring: Spiller’s Harbor(press A while standing on a green pad)
Talon Trot: Breegul Beach (press L + R)
Wonderwing: Spiller’s Harbor(press A while standing on a red pad)

Defeating Grunty and Klungo at the final battle

Step 1: When Grunty tries to attack you, dodge it. When she laughs, hit her. do this three times.

Step 2: Grunty will then shoot out spells. Keep dodging it and she will go up in the air and try to stomp you. When she laughs, hit her. Do this three times.

Step 3: Now this one is very hard. Grunty will go up in the air and shoot spells. Dodge them and soon she will fall down and start laughing. Hit her. do this three times.

Step 4: Finish the quiz. They will ask you questions or make you complete a mini game.

Step 5: This is the begining of fighting Klungo. Just beat him at his hardest rate of fighting. When he shoots out enemies, just kill them.

Step 6: After finishing another quiz, you’ll have to beat Grunty one last time. When she runs after you, dodge it. She’ll laugh, so then you’ll have your chance to hit her. Do this three times.

Step 7: Grunty will shoot out spells in one place like in step 2. Dodge them until she laughs, then hit her.

Step 8: Grunty will now shoot a spell and the spell will follow you while she is running after you. Keep running away until the spell dies out and Grunty starts laughing again. Hit her again. Do this three times.

Step 9: This is the last step. Dodge her attacks, then hit her three of her ghosts will come out! Hit the right one or else you will lose health. If you do this three times, you win.


After beating Gruntys tower, you will play a slide game. Collect as many coins as possible, Then reload your game. Go to the arcade machine in Spillers Harbour, Spillerston. Press A to bring up a menu of games. You need a certain amount of coins (N.Kredits) to play each game (Note: They are the mini-games from the levels,so you can play them after you beat them. Games include Sheep Dip, Egg Slide, Ancient Bregull Challenge and more)