Game: Backyard Baseball

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Backyard Baseball Cheats

Aluminum bat

Enter POWER to get an aluminum power bat when batting.

Recommended team

Choose this team for a season to win every game easily, including the World Series:

Derek Jeter: SS
Jimmy Rollins: 3B
Pablo Sanchez: 2B
Jason Giambi: 1B
Mike Piazza: C
Randy Johnson: P
Barry Bonds: OF
Ichiro: OF
Sammy Sosa: OF

Easy Homerun Derby

Play a Homerun Derby and choose Pablo.

Boost stats

Put players on their real Major League team and they will have boosted stats.


Hit a homerun into the water at Frazier Field, Gator Flats, and Steele Stadium to get Aquadome stadium.
Win the world series to get Humongous Memorial Stadium.