Game: BackTrack

Platform: GameBoy Advance

BackTrack Cheats

Cheat Codes

At the Dark Side of the Moon Menu, press Select. Then press L, Right, B, L, R, Left. Enter the new Build Secret Base option, press A and enter any of the following cheats.

Cheat Code – Effect

WEAP – All Weapons
GOD – Invincibility

Unlimited Ammunition

Enter AMMO as a password.

Cheat Mode

Press Select at the “Dark Side Of The Moon” menu. Then, press L, Right, B, L, R, Left to unlock the “Build Secret Base” option. Enter the “Build Secret Base” screen, then press A and enter one of the following passwords.

All weapons
Enter WEAP as a password.

Unlimited ammunition
Enter AMMO as a password.

Enter GOD as a password.

200 health
Enter HEA as a password.

All keys
Enter KEY as a password.

Disable enemy AI
Enter FRE as a password.

Full armor
Enter ARM as a password.

Enemy on map
Enter MON as a password.

Enter COOR as the password.