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The company that brought you Star Wars and Indiana Jones, as well as successful new intellectual properties such as Mercenaries (the No. 1 new IP in 2005), presents a new franchise that combines next-generation gameplay, an intriguing storyline and compelling characters. Groundbreaking in more ways than one, Fracture utilizes next generation technology only possible on the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3.Fracture advances players to the year 2161, where the effects of global warming have altered the planets landscape, and a clash in ideologies over human enhancement places society on the threshold of war. In utilizing the core gameplay mechanic of Fracture, a destructive next-generation technology known as Terrain Deformation, players are equipped with an arsenal of futuristic weaponry to strategically reshape their surroundings on the fly. Every action they perform dynamically reshapes the earth in ways no videogame has ever seen.Players set foot on the frontlines of this epic conflict in the role of Jet Brody, a demolitions expert fighting for the Atlantic Alliance, who rely upon cybernetic enhancement. Pitted against the genetically enhanced soldiers of the Pacifican army, players will experience a revolution in 22nd-century warfare. When Brody throws a tectonic grenade onto a level battlefield, the ground blasts upward providing access to otherwise unreachable areas or providing cover against approaching enemies. Surrounded on all sides by Pacifican forces, Brody heaves a vortex grenade, creating a swirling tornado-like mass of boulder, dirt and debris to dispatch his foes. These are just a few samples of the possibilities for Terrain Deformation. Players not only change the battlefield they change the face of the battle itself.Product InformationReshape the battlefield with terrain shattering weapons: Experience a dynamic battlefield that is unique every time you play. Use never before-seen weapons to fracture, crater, freeze, or elevate the earth. Unleash a subterranean torpedo toward your enemy and literally blast the earth from beneath his feet. For the first time, players can mold a war zone to your advantage to push the attack or mount a defense.Experience a story of betrayal and revenge: Follow the journey of a patriotic Atlantic Alliance soldier when an act of treason launches him into the lethal battlefield of the 22nd century, as forces wage a battle of genetics vs. cybernetics. In a war that divides loyalties and tests the bonds of country and family, this soldiers discoveries will ultimately decide the fate of North America and perhaps the world.Multi-player & co-operative play allows the terrain deforming battles to rage on:Choose the side of the genetically enhanced Pacificans or the cybernetically powerful Atlantic Alliance, then jump online and exploit your chosen sides advantages as Terrain Deformation and Genetic vs. Cybernetic elements allow for endless hours of fun with friends online.Fight for control of familiar locations and landmarks: The last World Wars were fought in Europe, but the next great global war will be fought on American soil. Battle in famous locations across the United States. Defend the Atlantic Alliance in Washington, DC, fight the decisive battle for control of Pacifica in the basin of the now-empty San Francisco bay and uncover the secret that will determine the worlds fate in the Southwest Desert.Terrain deformation is already building traction with the target audience. Fracture trailers have received as much or more traffic than similar trailers from World of Warcraft, Halo and the SIMS. The coveted Yahoo Homepage is only populated with gaming content that receives a threshold of traffic from Yahoo Games. Every video asset placed on Yahoo has made it to the Yahoo Homepage.Already Fracture is garnering praise from both gaming and mainstream press. At E3 in 2007 it was awarded Best of Show by the LA Times, Best Third Person Shooter by Game and numerous other runner-up awards. As we head into 2008 Fracture is being included in many Best Games of 2008 press round-ups (EGM, GamePro, Game Informer). Fracture uses bleeding edge technology that only one game has come even remotely close to simulating, deformable terrain GameproIn support of this new entertainment property LucasArts is investing over $15 million in marketing including TV, Media Promotions, Online media and Demo distribution to ensure Fractures message reaches its target consumers.Features: Brand new and sealed: factory direct game to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media.

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