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Sound the trumpets: the highly-anticipated PlayStation?CNetwork title Fat Princess is bringing its comical medieval fun to PSP?C(PlayStation?CPortable), and with a host of added features. Franticly-paced and strategic, Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake pits two hordes of players against each other in comic medieval battle royale on PSP. The players goal is to rescue a beloved princess from the enemy castle. There is a catch, though, the adversary has been feeding her magical cake to make her heavier to carry. Team balance and strategy is crucial in Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake, as players can switch between five different character classes literally at the drop of a hat. The name of the game is cooperation, whether it is flinging another player over the enemys walls with a teeterboard, healing him while he charges into battle, or adding muscle to carry the hearty princess to safety.Features: Brand new and sealed: factory direct gameGuaranteed to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media.

Game Fat Princess: Fistful Of Cake

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