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Family Guy lets you control the kind of over-the-top action you’d see in the popular cartoon. Play as the loveable Peter, the diabolical Stewie and the charismatic Brian. You’ll take all three into a wild group of stories that intersect in typical Family Guy fashion. This Game Brand + sealed: comes straight from the factory Freakin’ sweet gameplay switches back and forth to each character throughout the game Funny and unique combination of combat, stealth and puzzle-solving gameplay Interactive humor – take part in the jokes, parodies and sarcasm as though you were part of the show Visit familiar locations around Quahog and interact with many beloved characters from the show. Giggity! Family Guy wouldn’t be complete without the random funny things, satirizing pop-culture, that jump out and seemingly have no place in the flow of the story – now you can actually play them!

Game Family Guy Game

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