Muso is an app for music artists to connect with the audiences through a platform in their local venue. If you are an ardent musician from Australia and not sure, where and how to showcase your musical talent, the muso app is the best thing you can find. It is the online marketing platform for budding as well as an established musician, founded in 2018.

The sole purpose of the app:

  • The app works as the bridge between the musicians and the venue hosts. The musicians can find a place to do their live gigs to showcase their talent and the venues can find the best of musicians to host the live shows.
  • So it comes as a one-stop solution to find the best music being delivered to the audiences and give life to the live music shows, which is losing its identity in recent times.

Why was it founded?

  • The founders felt that there was a disconnect between the local musicians and the venues. To bridge that gap, they decided to have a platform that can organize a live music show hassle-free.
  • Therefore the venues that are looking for musicians/DJs can find them on this app based on their profile and their availability.
  • Similarly, the musicians do not have to go in search of venues to get their gigs.
  • This platform simplifies everything right from organizing musicians, the show date, the venue, and the payments for the musicians. Sounds less complex, right!

The app creates a lot of opportunities for budding new talents. Music is something that evolves over the period. So there is always something new in the music industry that the crowd wants to experience. And the live shows are the place where the musicians will get to showcase their talent and get the response of the audiences immediately. This is the reason for the success of this app.

Other important things to know about the app:

  • This app was developed to enhance the way the musicians and venues work together.
  • All the artists/musicians need to do is get the app and signup with their authentic information. The more organic information they give, the more opportunities come in hand.
  • Create a profile and upload their music work and share them on the other social handles that highlight their profile.
  • This helps to keep their profile public, making it visible to the hosts who want to book them.
  • After creating the public profile and linking it to other social handles, the bookers can book them now. All your bookings are visible under one tab.
  • This helps the musicians to get rid of the messy and confusing date sheets.
  • Managing the bookings is a one-tap solution now.
  • The most satisfying thing for the musicians is the payment option in this app. They have an automated payment solution, which ensures all payments are made on time.
  • Creating a profile in this app is free. However, there are other premium services offered, for which the musicians have to put quality content to join the gig feed.
  • Get access to the premium gig feed and search for the numerous gigs available in it, to participate.


Hope the above information gives you the basic idea of the muso app and how to use it from the musician’s perspective.