Game: Producers, The

Platform: DVD Movie Extras

Producers, The Cheats

Hidden Animation

Highlight the [Play Movie] menu entry on the [Main Menu] but this time press the [Up] arrow key on your remote control. This will highlight [Springtime For Hitler] and if you press [Enter] you will see and hear what appears to be a discarded menu animation of Lee Meredith doing her dance.

Bonus Sound Bytes

Insert the disc in your player and on the [Main Menu] highlight the [Play Movie] menu entry. Now press the [Left] arrow key on your remote control and the big [18] on the screen will be highlighted. Now press the [Enter] key and you will get to a screen that tells you that most of the hidden features on this DVD will be sound bytes from the dubbing sessions during post-production of the movie. You can uncover the various sound bytes by selecting the many numbers and letters that are around the edge of the [Main Menu], which looks like a movie ticket.