Game: Linkin Park: Frat Party Pancake

Platform: DVD Movie Extras

Linkin Park: Frat Party Pancake Cheats

Hidden songs

Advance to Title 3, Chapter 1 to view backstage footage and concert highlights featuring “Off Crawling”.

Select the “Disc Set-up” option at the main menu. Remain at that screen for approximately one minute. Press 1, Play, 4 Play, 8 Play, 9 Play, 7 Play, 1 Play, 2 to view a live version of “Points of Authority”.

Turn on the subtitles and play the “Beginnings” chapter and wait for the scene featuring Chester talking about his bit marks. Shortly after then Brad will appear with the message “From the beginning” at the bottom of the screen. Press Enter to view “A Place for my Head”.

Select the “Disc Set-up” option at the main menu. Turn on the director’s commentary, then play “One Step Closer” to hear the song backwards.

In the “One Step Closer” video, (Chapter 11) press Audio Change to switch to “Audio 2”. You will notice the song is being played backwards. Watch the screen, and between the middle and the end of the video the words “Shut Up!” will appear. When this happens, press Enter. You will then get to hear a re-mixed version of “One Step Closer” by the Humble Brothers. Alternately, do everything previously mentioned, but keep pressing Enter throughout the video.