Game: David Blane: Street Magic

Platform: DVD Movie Extras

David Blane: Street Magic Cheats

Bonus Levitation Trick

Keep the [Star screen on for approximately 5 to 10 minutes and a short scene of another one of his “levitation” tricks will be revealed.

60-foot Fall

Go to the [Archives] screen and push the [Righ arrow button. A heart will appear on Blaine’s forehead. Select it and you will see a quick 50 second clip of him practising for a 100 foot fall by bouncing on a trampoline and jumping from a high tower at 60 feet.

Card Trick

Go to the [Archive] screen and don’t touch anything. After a while (a couple of minutes) David’s eyes will open and he will tell you to get a deck of cards, after which he walk you through a card trick.