Game: Daytona USA

Platform: Dreamcast

Daytona USA Cheats

Pywackett Barchetta car

Finish in any position on the three seven speedway in single race mode with all four original cars (Hornet, Grasshopper, Lightning, Falcon) to unlock the Pywackett Barchetta car.

Red Cat car

Win a race online to unlock the Red Cat car.

Net-battle car

Accumulate 100 hours of game play to unlock the Net-battle car.

Quick start

Hold the RPM gauge in the yellow during the countdown. Hold the brake when the countdown reaches “2”. Immediately release the brakes and accelerate when “1” disappears and “Go” appears.

Javelin car

Unlock the Javelin car through accumulating 100 hours of game play.

Unicorn car

Unlock the Unicorn car by completing championship mode.

Super Pywackett Barcheta

Select the Pywackett Barcheta and select any track. Plain tracks such as 3-7 speedway or Circuit Pixie work the best. Change the number of laps to 2. Turn around at the start of the race and drive the opposite direction for the entire race.

Unlock the Rule of 9th

To unlock the Rule of 9th ride, beat the track record in Single Race mode for eight Mirror Reverse tracks.