Product Type: Battery / Charger

Recharge two Wii Remotes simultaneously with the Dual Charger Station from CTA Digital. This charge station contains a two-space cradle that allows you to charge and rest two remotes, with or without Wii MotionPlus adapters connected, in an upright position. Also included are two sets of rechargeable 1800 mAh batteries, which are enclosed in a mold that you can attach to the back of your Wii Remote. The Dual Charger Station is powered by a USB cable that attaches from the AC adaptor connection (located on the back of the device) to a USB port on the Wii Console.Features Charges one or two Wii Remotes LED charge indicator light Wii MotionPlus compatible

Battery / Charger Double Charge Station for Wii Remote

Double Charge Station for Wii Remote Price: $34.85

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