Product Type: Game

Xbox 360 Games - Dead To Rights Retribution Xbox 360

Dead to Rights: Retribution is a visually stunning 3rd person action game, rich in story, character and brutal combat. The game follows vice cop Jack Slate and his canine companion Shadow as they fight to expose the shadowy figures of Grant City and bring order back to the crumbling metropolis. Deadly on their own, Jack and Shadow are even more formidable as they team up to defeat the threats they will uncover.Two Playable Characters: Vice-Cop Jack Slate Pick off enemies with your side arm or get up close and personal and take them down with your bare hands Shadow Sneak up on enemies and kill them silently, or rip into a group and flush them out for Jack to take down! Satisfyingly Brutal Disarms/Takedowns: In the face of danger, turn your enemies weapons against them with aggressive disarms or execute all-new lethal takedown moves! Fluid Combat System: Seamlessly blends ranged combat with most robust brawling system ever seen in a shooter! Pump enemies full of bullets or destroy them up close