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The hottest revolution and bestselling video game in the music game category continues its long tradition of innovation and creativity with an entirely game for the next-generation! Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE, exclusively designed for the Xbox 360, takes dancing to a whole dance flooring features and options not possible until now. Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE is designed to be a universal DDRa game that everyone can play and enjoy, including anyone with two left feet.Over 65 songs, including songs and dance remixes exclusive for the Xbox 360, licensed songs, and popular hits! HOW TO PLAY, TRIAL and SUPER EASY es aimed at first-time players and beginners All- nonstop megamixes now DJ continuous mixes of multiple songs just like a real dance club Relay e lets friends and family play DDR like a marathon race, allowing players to switch off to other teammates and keep the dance party going all night long Enhancements to the common es and features from the original DDR series, including Workout e, Edit e, Quest e, Party e and more! Xbox Live enabled online competitions, download songs and dance steps, upload content, compete head-to-head, view internet ranking, instant messaging/email, talk live and more! Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable song packs plus compatibility with all previous downloadable song packs from the DDR ULTRAMIX series of games Brand and sealed: factory direct game to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media.

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