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On his 21st birthday, the awesome and terrible powers of the Darkness awaken within Jackie Estacado, a mafia hitman for the Franchetti crime family. With his powers, Jackie is able to wreak terrifying havoc on his enemies. Jackie must learn to fully command the Darkness so he can take back control of the Franchetti family, which is ruled by his uncle Paulie, a despicable man who is almost universally despised. Next-gen graphics and gameplay featuring advanced voice-synching and facial animations and fully interactive environments. Based on the comic book The Darkness, created by Top Cow. Experience extremely intense, cinematic action in this gritty, first-person, adventure game with a horror twist: you are the horror! Varying manifestations of the Darkness allow you to devour, impale or implode your enemies. Summon and command an army of Darklingsimpish and hilarious demonites that commit unspeakable acts. The absence of light feeds and replenishes the Darkness so seek the shadows wherever possible. Fight your way through the dark and seedy underbelly of York City as well as the ethereal realm of the Darkness. Play as Darklings in online multiplayer games and face other players in traditional multiplayer es as well as all- innovative game es. Brand and sealed: factory direct game to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media.

Game Darkness

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