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STORY:Venezuela is left in a state of civil war after the government was brutally overthrown by a military coup. With factions fighting to reinstate democracy, the U.S. government has ed their assistance, though the government regime has threatened to deploy nuclear weapons if the U.S. meddles in Venezuelan affairs. The threat needs to be neutralized, and the U.S cant risk nuclear war. DESCRIPTION:The CIA Special Activities Division operates in isolation and secrecy. If captured, any link with the U.S. Government will be denied. Conflict: Denied Ops is a highly accessible co-op FPS featuring massive, extremely explosive firefights across destructible environments. Work as a team to utilize the specific skills of each operative and experience the ultimate in destructive satisfaction with tons of exploding objects and an endless barrage of terrorists who are begging to be blown to hell. KEY Two-Man TacticsSwitch between team members at any time in single-player e for maximum control, or have a friend join your game through either online, system link or split-screen.Explode Your EnemiesLevels are built around massive fire fights with a continuous stream of enemies, and tons of exploding objects littered around the level to help your cause. Destroy EverythingObliterate your enemies with explosions, demolish buildings, blow through walls and destroy almost anything in the environment.Accessible ActionIn single-player e, give commands to your team mate simply by pressing or holding a single button. Concentrate on the action, not complicated menus or control schemes. Puncture-TechUtilize strategic destruction made possible with Puncture-Tech technology developed by Pivotal Studios. Blast open pathways, shoot unaware enemies through walls, or create holes in your cover to generate firing paths. Brand and sealed: factory direct game to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media.

Game CoNFLict Denied Ops

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