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PSP Games - Chili Con Carnage PSP

Out to avenge the assassination of his father, Chili Con Carnage hurls Ramiro Cruz deep into the seedy underworld of Los Toros, Mexico, where he must single handedly create maximum carnage throughout the inner circles of local kingpin, Cesar Morales’ drug cartel. This spin-off of the wild action game Total Overdose reinvents the series for PSP with a spicy mix of fast-action game sequences for single- or multi-player sessions where Ramiro uses his flashiest moves to dispatch thugs and fiends. This Game Brand and sealed: comes straight from the factory Over-the-top, gravity-defying special moves, weapons galore Some of the most colourful characters to grace the stage of the PSP – from moustachioed mercenaries, megalomaniacal crime-lords and chemically mutated super-Mamas 19 missions across 7 exotic locations spanning sprawling cities to dense jungle Four game es from challenging single player es to fun multiplayer es.

Game Chili Con Carnage

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