Product Type: Battery / Charger

Recharge your portable gaming device, no matter were you are, or which version of the DS you currently have. This ingenious package includes everything needed to charge your portable system at home or on the go! Use AC power, or a USB connection on your computer at home. Recharge in the car by connecting the DC 5v power adapter to the included cable. It couldnt be easier, and since the cable has two heads, you use this single cable to charge the older model DS and newer DSi and DSi XL systems. This set truly has everything you need to keep your handheld systems charged and ready to use.Features Duel headed USB cable Adapters make it convenient to charge in different locations Powered by AC power, DC 5v power or USB Compatible with ALL models of the DS handheld system

Battery / Charger Charging Kit for DS, DSi, DSi XL

Charging Kit for DS, DSi, DSi XL Price: $22.85

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