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3 Incredible Agatha Christie titles in one package! Includes:Agatha Christie: And Then There Were NoneAgatha Christies World-famous Novel And Then There Were None is brought to the PC with all of its original baffling suspense! 10 people, strangers to each other, are invited to a lavish estate on an island. Through a recording their mysterious host accuses each of his guests of murder and proceeds to exact justice. The tension mounts as one-by-one the number of people are reduced through the Ingenious plotting of the unseen killer. Prepare to play the video game based on the best selling murder mystery of all time!Agatha Christie: Murder On The Orient ExpressMurder on the Orient Express is filled with spectacular twists-and-turns and also includes a surprise ending that is different from the original novel. Aboard the historic train, as Antoinette, a new character introduced in the game, you must help the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot solve the puzzling murder of Mr. Ratchett. Is the victim really who he claimed to be? What motive would any of the passengers have that would bring them to commit this heinous crime? Its up to YOU to find out!Agatha Christie: Evil Under The SunOne of Agatha Christie’s most famous characters is back in typical style, turning up at just the right time to begin an investigation into the murder of a famous actress during what should have been the start of a relaxing holiday. Taking on the role of detective Hercule Poirot, players can scour a stunning tropical island for clues and delve deeper into the mysterious relationships between over 20 unique characters to search out the killer. System Requirements: OS: Windows 200/XP, CPU: 1.4 GHz, Pentium 3 Processor, RAM: 256 MB, Disk Space: 1.5 GB, CD/DVD-ROM: 16x, Video Card: 64MB DirectX9 Compatible Video Card, Sound:16-bit DirectX Compatible, Input: Mouse, Keyboard and Speakers and sealed: factory direct game to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media.

Game Agatha Christie Triple Murder Mystery Pack

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